Motorsports Daytona Beach


Motorsports is the fastest growing sport in the world with over 15 million people attending its events each year.  Daytona Beach has a long-standing tradition competing in the growing motorsports industries of automotive, motorcycle, aeronautic and marine businesses, and their many supportive industries.  More than just a premier location for hosting world-class events, Daytona Beach has established itself as the ideal location for corporate headquarters of companies that serve the motorsports industry worldwide. 

Under the visionary leadership of Cassandra Reynolds, who is a Daytona Beach City Commissioner, the Motorsports Think Tank was convened and organized.  The Think Tank, composed of a diverse group of community leaders, has been collaborating since the beginning of 2007 to generate fresh ideas on how to enhance economic growth in the region by celebrating and promoting the motorsports industry in our local community and surrounding area.  The Motorsports Think Tank has now evolved into the Motorsports Executive Committee that is proud to introduce:


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Race Towards Economic Development Today!

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Our Vision is:

Daytona Beach – a diverse city in motion; a great place for family, growth, education and economic development.

Our Mission is:

Enhancing economic development and the quality of life for the “New Daytona Beach” through comprehensive motorsports endeavors.

Our core values for our initiatives center around:

  • Encouraging economic development
  • Providing inclusiveness of all members of our diverse community
  • Supporting family values
  • Fostering community development
  • Enhancing our quality of life and having fun
  • Making Daytona Beach a hub to serve the global motorsports market


Our key message to our citizens is to take advantage of the extensive educational opportunities in our community as a pathway to opportunity and prosperity for a career in the motorsports industry cluster.  These careers go far beyond the jobs on the race teams for these events.  They include a wide range of careers in engineering, marketing, finance, information technology, healthcare and hospitality just to name a few. 

Our key message to employers is that Daytona Beach is “open for business” with a business friendly environment and a commitment of community support.